Whose side are you on?
Choose Wisely

The Rulebook

  1. Activity is a must. Two days of inactivity and you’ll receive a warning, three days of inactivity and your character will be removed from the group. If you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time, let the admin know so you can be excused from activity checks. Interact with every character and not just the characters that you want to ship with.
  2. OOC drama of any kind is prohibited. If we see drama start, each party will get a warning. If the drama continues and gets out of hand, the guilty party, or all of those involved, will be removed from the group. No exceptions. If there is a problem (you’ve been personally offended, there’s fighting via ask box that we don’t see, etc) let the admin know. IC drama is allowed and encouraged. Though we ask that any major plot ideas be brought up to the admin before hand.
  3. This is a multi-paragraph roleplay.  You aren’t required to post a certain amount of paras a week, but please make sure that you do para any significant event or gathering with other characters. Writer’s block happens and people get busy, that’s no problem, just make sure to try and para with other players when you can. Threading is optional, but encouraged, if you don’t know what that is, there is a tutorial provided to you under the navigation tab.
  4. Let’s make sure that we are all mature. There will be mature content in paras and on the dash, so the admin requires you be 16 or older to audition.
  5. R-E-S-P-E-C-T each other. There’s nothing worse than going in an OOC group to see “I hate this ship so much”. Don’t do it. You don’t like a ship or a character, keep it to yourself. No one wants to see that ship that they adore being torn to shreads by someone else. It’s annoying and rude so don’t do it or you may be asked to leave.When you submit your audition, in the anything else section of the application, please include your favorite quote. 
  6. This is not first come first serve. If you audition for a role and you’re accepted and then your friend auditions, there is no guarantee your friend will get the part just because you did. All applications will be reviewed and only the best will be accepted. Generally the admin waits for two or more applications of the same character before accepting unless the audition submitted seems to be a perfect match for the roleplay the moment the admin reads it.
  7. Let’s all keep in chatacter. Rachel shouldn’t all the sudden decide to go to clown school unless somehow there’s some huge event in her life or something that clicks in her mind that makes her want to go there. Everything your character does needs to be backed up and needs to stay kind of true to who they are in canon.
  8. Let’s keep the OOC banter to a minimum on the dash. There’s an OOC group for that. If there’s anything you need to say quickly on the dash, do so in the tags. OOC messages should be replied to privately unless it’s from an anon in which case feel free to answer it as long as it’s not something that becomes too lengthy. If ANYONE receives an anon hate message DO NOT answer it, report it to the admin.
  9. Gif conversations and posts are allowed. Admins like them and they keep the dash moving and everyone active, but make sure you cut the posts down so it doesn’t clog the dash and reblog as text always.
  10. DON’T JUST DEACTIVATE. Please let the admin know if you’re going to leave, we understand that things come up or that you don’t feel fit for the group, just let us know before you leave.
  11. No one here is perfect or entirely troubled. Not every character has a troubled childhood or some horrible past that makes them a depressed mess all of the time, just like no character is perfect and god-like. This should be a group of well-rounded characters from different backgrounds. Having the same personality for multiple characters gets really boring and makes it hard to keep plots moving.
  12. Let’s have fun!

If you have any questions, ask, the admin loves to help you out when you need it :)